Monday, February 7, 2011

Betta tanks

I am in the market for a new and safer betta aquarium,
so i've been checking out aquariums online, and ran into a few questionable ones.

These are much too small for bettas, so much so, that there is hardly room for movement and bettas love to swim. 


  1. I agree, they are all much to small.
    Try and get the biggest tank you can, the bigger the better.

    Bigger tanks allow for happier Bettas, they are easier to decorate as you have more room to style.. but the most important is that the water quality and temp is stable and well. The larger the tank, the less water changes you will have to do as it spreads around. :))

  2. Oh, how is your Oscar going by the way?

  3. My oscar is much better he seems very happy since we bought him his big tank :D

    Good advice BTW Thank you sooooo much for all of your help that you have given me

  4. Great to hear about your Oscar.
    You're welcome, I'm sure you would help me too. :))