Saturday, February 5, 2011


Sally, my beloved betta died last night.
She "flew" out of her tank.
when i woke up she was already gone :(
RIP Sally.


  1. Aww.. I'm sorry to hear that!
    I've had jumpers before too. You really need to keep a lid on with about 3-5 cm gap. I learnt that the hard way - but luckily did find my girl just in time (Cherry was crispy, dirty from the floor, and had been out for 45mins).
    Really sorry! :(

  2. Do you know a good site i could purchase a lid for my glass bowl?
    I cant believe how upset i was.. i never knew one could get so attached to a fish.. but she got me :)
    My boyfriend felt so bad for my loss that he went out and got a really pretty female.
    I'll have to post pics soon :)

  3. They may be 'just a fish', but they are pets, you love them, you get attached. I know excatly how you feel. I lost all my girls this week - 3 died in a fight, only one of which whose body was found (tangled in plants, sucker couldn't get it), my special HM girl Rose who was imported from Champion breeders in Thailand ($140 pair) died of no reason, she never bred. Then my other female got dropsy. It was seriously sadding. Glad you got a new girl though. :)

    As for the lid, I'm not sure. You could jut a bit of plastic/perspex. Bowls are hard to get lids for. Just make sure she can get air. Any name ideas for the new girl? What colour is she?

  4. Thats horrible i was going to order a pretty blue hm from a web site in thailand but maybe not now.

    She is only a Wal mart betta but im suprised at how pretty she is she is black white and green, very pretty in the light!

    Maybe i 'ought to just put her in my gallon aquarium ( random thought lol) :D