Friday, February 4, 2011

More bad luck

Today when i turned on the aquarium light I noticed that Klaus "the angry oscar" has developed some sort of light white spot on the top of his head. I don't know what it is as of yet, but i will venture to guess that it is a mold.  If anyone happens to read this blog, and knows what it might be please comment.

Sally got fin rot: Update 2
She is still alive which is good
Not out of the woods yet still have
4 more days of treatment.


  1. Hello Brittney, I'm Sarah from Bubbles & Bettas.
    I think it could be fungal related, but could you please post a picture, as it may be something else. :)
    Don't treat for fungal until you know that is what it is.

    Good luck,
    I hope Klaus heals well,
    Sarah. :)

  2. Thanks sarah :D i've been treating Klaus with this all-in-one treatment so i will monitor him really closely to make sure this works.
    And he wont hold still long enough for me to snap a close up.. sill fish

  3. Mulit-cure I think. Does it turn the tank green?

    Good luck with him, I'm sure he'll heal well.
    Maybe post a short video?